Heli Elopement Package: Experience Cloud Nine

Heli Elopement Package with Rocky Mountain Elopements

The crisp mountain air is cool and invigorating – every breath brings with it wonder, excitement, and an uplifting sense of calm all at once. The beauty of the Rockies is all around – but there aren’t many people who get to experience it from this particular vantage. Thousands of feet up in the air, it feels like nothing else exists outside the blue skies, fluffy white clouds, and sprawling wilderness of the Rocky Mountains below. 

Nothing, that is, except for love, partnership, and the thrilling promise of a lifetime spent together.

The helicopter banks and descends, its destination in sight: the peak of a nearby mountaintop, quiet and pristine, overlooking a stunning emerald-green alpine lake that looks so picturesque it feels almost like a postcard, or a dream. 

Some dreams, it turns out, do come true – and our team at Rocky Mountain Elopements is proud to play a part in making yours a memorable reality with our all-inclusive helicopter elopement packages

Heli Elopement Package

Big Elopement Energy

We love big, showstopping wedding ceremonies – we really do – but there’s something to be said for the intimacy, simplicity, and resplendent romance of a small, private elopement. 

Elopements take the typical considerations and complexities of a traditional wedding ceremony and flip them on their collective head. Where once you had to stress about locations, invitations, and guest lists, suddenly you’re left to focus on looking forward to the date without any other concerns or worries. Where once the focus was on tens or even hundreds of guests, now the focus is on just two people: you and your partner. And where once, the story was about the course of the big day’s events, an elopement tells the only story that matters: the one about a shared love and commitment between you and your partner.

Not a bad way to kick off a life of wedded bliss together.  

Heli Elopement Package

All-Inclusive – The Only Thing Missing is You

No planning means no problems for you and your partner on your big day. Let us handle the details – you worry about saying “I do” and looking great in those photos. 

Rocky Mountain Elopement’s heli elopement packages are all-inclusive. All that you, your partner, and your guests need to worry about is showing up – we’ll take care of the rest. Heli booking? We’ve got that. Bouquet and boutonniere? No problem. Marriage license? We’ll even hang onto it for you so that you don’t need to worry about losing it on the flight out. 

In addition to taking care of these sorts of details and particulars, Rocky Mountain Elopements maintains established connections and strong working relationships with a host of local, experienced Bow Valley vendors and suppliers. This means that when your big day comes around, you can rest assured that it’ll go off without a hitch or a snag. Everyone taking part will know just what’s involved when it comes to planning an elopement in the Rockies – especially our partner photo and video team.

Heli Elopement Package

The Benefits of Experience

Rocky Mountain Elopements isn’t just a standalone business – we’re part of the larger Rocky Mountain Weddings and Events. Not only does this mean that we’ve got the support and expertise of this established Bow Valley namesake behind us, but also that we’re able to give our clients the opportunity to enjoy the unique benefits that come along with booking with our experienced heli elopement partners – particularly when it comes to documenting your elopement.

Our sister company, Rocky Mountain Photo Co., features elopement photographer Lindsay Copeland and adventurous cinematographer Matt Hutchinson. By booking your elopement with Rocky Mountain Elopements, suddenly you’re getting not only an experienced elopement planner, but access to a team of heli elopement experts. We have incredible partners that we work with regularly that are familiar with the logistics. That means you’ll get to enjoy your heli elopement package alongside experts with intimate knowledge of the elopement destination along with an accompanying awareness of where to get the best shots. The incredible vendors we work with have familiarity with the flow of the day’s events – all of which makes for a smoother, more streamlined heli elopement overall. 

Heli Elopement Package

Beyond that, booking with Rocky Mountain Elopements means you’ve got our team behind you, guaranteeing that however epic you want your elopement experience to be, chances are we can make it a reality for you. 

Get to the Chopper (At Your Own Pace, Of Course)

When it comes to experiences like heli tours and mountaintop elopements, people can often get the notion in their minds that it’ll be an in-and-out affair: touchdown, exchange vows, take some pictures, maybe toss back a flute of champagne if there’s time, and then back in the chopper for dust-off within half an hour. 

The truth of the matter is that here at Rocky Mountain Elopements, we’re not about to put a time limit on your big day. You’ve been waiting for this moment all your life. Who are we to rush you along? Instead, we encourage you and your guests to indulge in this once-in-a-lifetime mountaintop experience. 

Think of it like a cocktail hour at 2500 meters up. We’ll bring the music, the bubbly, and the snacks; you bring the love story and enduring partnership. Feel free to mingle, relax, and enjoy yourselves – that helicopter isn’t going anywhere without you.

Make Your Big Day All About You

We’ll say it once more for the people in the back: we love big weddings. However, there’s nothing quite like the intimate beauty of a Rocky Mountain elopement. Leave all that stress, planning, and enormous expense on the ground behind you and book a heli elopement package today to discover a unique wedding event that will forge a lasting bond between you, your partner, and a tight-knit group of guests. 

Make your day about you – about your story – and start planning your heli elopement package with Rocky Mountain Elopements today. 

Heli Elopement Package

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